About Us

We always persist in beliefs and remain unchanged of three points as below:

  • Closely cooperate with top customer demand, lead the market trend.
  • To developing and producing high-end institutional products and to be a leader in the integration of metal and plastic.
  • To continuous improvement production process for competitive prices, the best quality and on-time delivery.

Our Mission Statement

  • Working closely with top-tier customers both domestically and internationally to lead market trends.
  • Committed to developing and producing high-end mechanical products.
  • Becoming a pioneer in integrating metal and plastic structural components as a supplier.
  • Respecting our customers’ business reputation, we pledge to continuously improve and provide competitive prices and timely products to meet customer quality expectations.

Highest Guidelines

One stop Service

  1. Product design and mold improvement.
  2. Automation for reduces costs.
  3. Provide the best solution.

Customer satisfaction

  1. Provide best advice on customer prototypes based.
  2. Support customer product development and mold design.
  3. Provide high quality engineering samples.

long-term cooperation

  1. Provide services to customers' global sites.
  2. Provide VMi and JIT transaction modes.