PM Bangkok (Thailand)

Factory overview

POWER METAL Bangkok factory was founded in 2009. The plant area exceeds 10000 m² and more than 300 employees. It mainly serves customers in Southeast Asia and it is the main manufacturing factory in Southeast Asia.


  • Set-top box
  • Netcom equipment
  • Printer parts

Production process

Injection molding

  • Electric Japanese injection molding machine.
  • PLC automatic production.
  • High gloss injection molding.


  • Using Taiwan SEYI precision stamping machine.
  • Thin wall products and stamping drawing.
  • Automatic production.

Screen printing & pad printing

  • Using automatic screen printing and pad printing equipment.
  • Multi color synchronous pad printing.
  • Gold stamping technology.
  • Laser carving.

Assembly and post-processing

  • Ultrasonic welding.
  • Post protector for high gloss product.
  • High precision labeling.
  • Spot welding.
  • Automatic dispensing and dropping conducting resin.

Quality Management System

  • ISO9001:2018 quality management system
  • ISO14001:2018 environmental management system