Introduction for POWER METAL group

POWER METAL group was established in 1962 and founded in Taipei. In 1999, POWER METAL group was set up factory in Dongguan, China for business needs. In order to meet the needs of customers, Dongguan factory added mold development department after its establishment. And customized molds for customers. Dongguan factory has become an integrated service provider of leading competitors.

In 2009, the group considered market strategic orientation and services for customers in Southeast Asia. The group has decided to set up a plant in Bangkok, Thailand. The factory mainly serves customers for metal stamping and assembly.

In 2017, due to the change of market demand. In order to enhance the market competitiveness, the group has transformed into an injection molding and metal processing plant. It’s become an integrated service provider of mold manufacturing, injection molding and metal processing. And purchase the latest Japanese electric injection molding machine and automation equipment. Significantly ahead of other competitors.

We constantly improve the production technology to provide competitive price and on-time delivery and cooperate with customer needs to transport products to the world.

POWER METAL Group We always persist in beliefs and remain unchanged of three points as below:

  • Closely cooperate with top customer demand, lead the market trend.
  • To developing and producing high-end institutional products and to be a leader in the integration of metal and plastic.
  • To continuous improvement production process for competitive prices, the best quality and on-time delivery.

Founding milestone of POWER METAL group


Dongguan factory has obtained ISO13485 medical device QMS certification.


POWER METAL transformed into a supplier of injection molding and metal processing.  Dongguan and Bangkok factories introduced the latest injection molding machines and automation equipment from Japan.


the total production of set-top boxes over 100 million sets.


Power Manufacturing Global Hong Kong company was established to serve needs of customers.


POWER METAL Bangkok factory was established in Bangkok, Thailand. It was mainly to serve metal stamping, processing and assembly. And Dongguan factory has obtained ISO14001 EMS at the same year.


Dongguan factory obtained ISO9001 QMS certification.


Set up TPOWER METAL (Dongguan) Ltd in Dongguan, China. It was mainly to serve in metal stamping and mold design and manufacture.


POWER METAL group was founded inTaipei, Taiwan in 1962