Mold design

Power Metal group has the most professional design team and advanced mold professional production experience. For sample development till mold design and manufacturing, Power Metal group has the fastest development capacity. We can develop all kinds of product molds, including medical, automotive parts, home equipment and communication electronic equipment.

The Power Metal design team has rich in mold Separation Gate and hot-runner solution:

Features of mold gate separation solution:

  • Automation of separation gate in mold.
  • Reduce the artificial influence on product quality.
  • Reduce molding cycle and improve production stability of automatic mold gate separation.

Features of hot-runner solution:

  • Save raw materials.
  • Improve product quality.
  • Improve productivity and realize automatic production.
  • Strengthen the function of molding machine.
  • Improve product consistency and balance.
  • The hot runner system can be balanced artificially according to the principle of rheology. The mold filling balance is realized by temperature control and controllable nozzle. And the gate is controlled precisely to ensure the consistency of multi cavity molding. It can improve the precision of the product.